Fees and Services

Half-day: $ 600 per party (4-hour session)
Three-quarter day: $ 900 per party (6-hour session)
Full-day mediations: $ 1,200 per party (8-hour session)
Hourly mediations: $ 150 per hour, per party (1, 2 or 3-hour sessions)
When mediation results in a written settlement between the parties, the mediator’s role typically will be completed. If a court has ordered the parties to mediate the dispute, the mediator will report to the relevant court whether the matter was settled at mediation, but no details concerning the mediation or any settlement will be reported.
If the dispute is largely settled at the initial mediation session, but additional time is required to negotiate minor points in order to finalize an agreement, the mediator will provide continuing assistance to the parties via e-mail and/or by phone, at no additional charge.   If the dispute is not fully resolved within the allotted time due to significant unresolved issues, an additional mediation session may be scheduled at a time and date agreed to by all participants. The follow-up mediation will be charged at the rates shown above. If less than a half-day is required to finalize a resolution, the additional session may be charged at the hourly rate shown above. 
Location:   Real Estate Mediations of Texas is located at:  Merit Tower, 12222 Merit Drive, Suite 1200, Dallas, Texas 75251.
Food serviceReal Estate Mediations of Texas is pleased to offer participants a variety of food selections.   Lunch and snacks will be provided at mediations scheduled for 6 hours or more, at no additional charge. Snacks and/or other food items are provided at mediations scheduled for 4 hours or less. Soft drinks and bottled water are available at all mediations.
Our food service is designed to accommodate the most common dietary needs or restrictions.   With 48 hours advance notice, menu selections will be added for those whose diet is vegan, vegetarian, gluten-sensitive and sugar-free.   Other dietary restrictions may be accommodated, if practical, upon receiving advance notice of the dietary requirements. REM relies upon the vendors who provide the food selections as to the suitability of a particular food item for persons with specific sensitivities. REM makes no independent assessment of any food items and assumes no responsibility for the suitability of any food item.

Martha G. King is a professional mediator serving Dallas and surrounding areas.
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