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               Martha G. King, Real Estate Mediator

REAL ESTATE MEDIATIONS OF TEXAS, formerly known as Greenville Mediation Center specializes in resolving  real estate and related disputes.   As an experienced real estate and title attorney, Martha King brings to the mediation process over 20 years of practical experience in resolving a wide variety of disputes that involve real estate.  

Real Estate Mediations of Texas offers parties both tools and opportunity to voluntarily resolve their real estate and related disputes through a confidential process, guided by the mediator, who serves as a neutral third party. For more information about the role of a mediator, please see About REM.

Litigation: When parties to a lawsuit communicate more directly with each other as to their concerns and goals, the result is often an end to the dispute through a mutually acceptable agreement.  With the conflict behind them, the parties recover time, energy and resources  available for other personal and/or business goals.  

Mediation without litigation Yes!  Both individuals and businesses benefit from seeking a resolution of their real estate and related conflicts before a costly lawsuit is filed. Without the negative impact of filing a lawsuit, pre-litigation mediation creates an environment that is favorable to resolving real estate disputes, while improving the possibility of preserving important personal and/or business relationships and avoiding negative publicity. 

Martha's Background and Experience:  After devoting over 20 years to resolving hundreds of real estate disputes in Texas, as well as other states,  while serving as title insurance claims counsel, Martha opened a mediation practice in February of 2015 to meet the need for a trained mediator with real estate knowledge and practical experience resolving real estate conflicts.  Both her mediation and law practices are focused exclusively on real estate matters.

Previously, as claims counsel, Martha managed hundreds of real estate title lawsuits in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Missouri, Arkansas, and other states, while being actively engaged with defense counsel in examining legal issues, responding to discovery, evaluating trial risks   v. settlement strategies and options, and documenting and implementing settlements.  In addition to real estate law, Martha has experience in handling probate and family law matters.   For a more detailed explanation of Martha's background and experience, please refer to Resume under About REM.

Types of Disputes: Real Estate Mediations of Texas is available to handle all of your real estate and related disputes.  As an experienced real estate and title attorney, Martha is uniquely equipped to mediate all disputes relating to or concerning real property, title insurance, escrow and closing matters.  For a partial list of issues addressed in disputes that Martha has handled, please see List of Disputes under About REM.


Martha G. King is a professional mediator serving Dallas and surrounding areas.
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